Here is the opinion from judge James Noel.

Judge Noel Opinion pdf file

Here is our response to the 'honorable' judge.

Our response pdf file

To summarize, the judge had two reasons.  First, he concurred with the village that we were building two dwellings in both versions of our rejected plans, going to the extent of parrotting the village's legal points back at us.  I seriously doubt he read anything we submitted.  Second he states that most of our peripheral issues such as the ordinance not having been passed properly or the violation of our equal rights and due process were not 'properly preserved' because the village never saw them prior to the statement of issues.

In our response we have made a motion for rehearing because the judge included provable lies in his opinion and that makes those lies material.  The details are in our response but to summarize - the village claims we submitted our third set of plans on july 21 and laurie approved them july 21.  We didnt resubmit our third set of plans until August 2 and even laurie testified under oath that she wouldn't even discuss approving anything with us until july 23.  What incompetence!

And then the judge includes a quote attributed to us that we never said as their rationale for not approving our second set of plans.  Clearly the quote is inadmissible, is not in the record and is hearsay, but the freaking judge used it anyways LOL.  We are a little tweaked by this level of ineptitude in the local system but not deterred.  I had not wanted to review this in a hearing but that appears to be the next step.  Imagine what this will be like - an uneducated me going up against two or three corrupt but trained lawyers and their sympathetic judge.

On the not 'properly preserved claim, we are not sure if he didn't read our actual appeal or whether he is running cover and somehow stating the village didn't have our claims 'in time' to dispute them.  This is the only place where the guy bothered to cite any legal standard - and he cited trial court standards, but of course this is just a quasi-judicial hearing and he knows that - is he blowing smoke hoping we'll fold?