Feb 14 Our stucco has started - this is the scratch coat going on.  They had a great day for it.

Feb 5 We survived the most snow we've seen in two years.  We are still waiting on the electricians to wrap up before we can start on interior work. 

A short timelapse from this week:


Feb 1 Hooray for some customer service!  Pella have figured out how to get us some replacement windows in 3-4 weeks instead of 12.  They will be sliding windows instead of awnings, but otherwise the same thing.  The windows will be able to be installed before the stucco team makes it over to the garage - problem solved.

Jan 31 Our Pella Windows have arrived.  They are mostly fine but we did have a few problems - 3 windows don't open, 1 window frame actually is broken and worst of all Pella ordered the wrong size windows for the RV garage - it looks like a clerical error.  This is our first real incompatibility problem.  Currently trying to figure out how to deal with it but Pella has been very unhelpful so far - quoting 12 weeks at least to get the right size windows.  We've got calls in to them and are shopping locally for anything that could fit.

Jan 26 Sta Rite Stucco is doing our Tyvek wrap and lathing, preparing to get our first two coats of stucco on.  Inside we're letting the electricians finish up.  We'll be back to a flurry of activity inside and out as soon as the electricians finish and we get our electrical and framing inspections.

January 20 Yes Another warm dry day!  The roofers are finished on the house roof and have moved to the RV Garage roof.  This roof looks terrific!

January 13 Another warm dry day, the roofers are working full days but the stench of the hot tar has chased everyone else out.  One big update today - we got the well house converted to a culvert.  It is 6' diameter and 8' deep so no more worrying about the well pump freezing and we don't have to look at it in our view

January 12 It was a very dry and unusually warm day today.  We started roofing today, expecting to have the house and garage done in a couple of weeks.  There isn't any real threat of moisture in that time - lucky for us

January 4 2022  We made it to the new year and so far we remain on Gene's schedule of getting the pocket roof closed up next week.  We've got our pocket roof inspection scheduled for the 7th (the portion of the roof about the tongue & groove ceilings).  And if we can pass that, we'll be able to insulate and get the roofers out next week.  We dodged a bad weather bullet, with maybe an inch of rain over new year's weekend.  We are anxious to get this behind us.

The RV garage framing has gone quickly - it is relatively simple.

And in other news, we got the village's outrageous, ficticious response to our issues.  With all responses in, we have sent it all on to the district court judge for review.  It would be nice to get a ruling before we have to sheet rock the house, but with an election coming up we're guessing the judge won't say a word until after that - in early march.


12/23 Our carved post finally went in today.  It was cut to the exact height so they had to jack the beam up 1/4" to get it in - brute force but it worked.

12/22 Rick Williams has been working on our Adobe walls this week and had the fireplace platform ready to go for the fireplace that S and F installed today!  We had a near miss, forgetting to purchase a couple 30 degree bends until last week - they arrived 4 days early.

12/18 Our Detached Garage Pad has been poured!  The weather has been very cold, getting down to 6 degrees overnight so we've got blankets on it for about a week.

12/12 The ceiling is in on the vigas and we're really happy with Dave and Dominic's work.

12/8 Our 12" vigas were installed today!  Lots of other activity with the mechanical, plumbing, concrete and framers all getting alot done!

12/2 We started the tongue and groove and rough cut ceiling installs today.  Until we get the actual roof on, our wood is exposed to the elements so we're praying for a dry december.  I had to spend four hours today at the state construction office getting our permit transferred from Corrales to the state.  We are in waiting mode now until we get a new permit issued.

11/30 While the framers kept working to build up the living room area, we tore down the well house/shed.  it was an orange/blue eyesore right in the middle of our view.  But Its gone now.  In other news, we received our first motion from Laurie's Lawyer, claiming that our documentation that clearly shows the truth of Laurie's statements in the appeal 'not relevant'.  Now we wait for the judge to chime in

11/27 Our smaller vigas are in place and they continue to roof the house.  They've also started to extend the roof of the Living Room up to 14'8".  We had to raise the roof 8" where we have vigas and beams to get the house to construct properly.

11/22 You can see our first load of vigas and beams being delivered to the front of the house.  They look small from here but the big one over the roof of the truck cab is our 25' 12"x12" main house beam.  The rest of the vigas are for the bedroom, kitchen and front entry.  And we got our first roof decking today - on the Casita.

11/19 Another one bit the dust.  A good friend (our only friend in the village government) quit today, Joe Benney the building inspector.  We think that leaves no one but Laurie running the planning and zoning department - that's an indicator!  So no more inspections from Corrales for the remainder of the build.  We will have to work with the state to get our permit transferred to them and then we'll have to deal with their more limited availability to come out.  Fortunately we've got the house as far as we have!  In other news, we got the record proper from the village today and it was only missing a few items we'll need to work to get included - we were fortunate not to have been given transcripts like Curt was.

11/18 Dave and Dominic Anaya - Enchantment Construction - are doing an incredible job, especially given just how screwed up our plans were.  They got most of the entry framed in today.

11/15 From earlier this month - the barn going up.  We bought the barn from Pine River Construction Company and they did a great job with it.  Covid made the barn very late (November instead of April) but otherwise are very happy with it


11/14 With the casita all framed out you can see what will become our million dollar door - thank you Village of Corrales

11/13 We've started a new page to track our framing process.  The foundation page can still be found from the Construction Menu on the title bar