11/12 no chance to catch our breath - Framing started today.  They decided to start on the casita first.  The patio pour prep is ongoing - supposedly we'll have our colored concrete at 6 am tomorrow!

11/10 Another Major Milestone - our House slab got poured today.  It was an all-day affair, we used 71 yards of concrete - yes they had to have an eighth truck with only 1 yard in it.  Juan's guys also got the RV Garage footer dug.  It will be another monolithic pour like the barn since it's not nearly as complicated as the house was.  The garage will get poured tomorrow and Juan will start work on getting our outdoor porches framed in.  The only problem with the pour was a 20+ mph wind that kicked up sand from 10:30 to 4:30.  Hopefully the slab won't be impacted - it still looked plenty wet at 5:00

11/3 1 down two to go!  We got our Certificate of Occupancy for the barn today!  Our radiant install was finished today and Pat will be doing the pressure test tomorrow.

11/1 probably our most productive day ever!  The barn arrived right at 7:00 AM and by the end of the day it was about 50% complete.  PNM finally hooked up our temp power pole, Chris got the Detached Garage Staked out, Our safe went into the ground and the concrete guys finished prepping the slab for Pat to start Radiant Install tomorrow.

10/31 Mark was out sunday to get the clay cleared out before the barn crew arrives.  They are supposed to start 7 AM tomorrow.

10/30 The next week promises to be exciting.  Our foundation is prepped for the slab pour and Johnny's Electric is out doing the under-slab low voltage conduits.  Mark has finished our garage pad, Chris Dehler will be out Monday to place the garage corners, Pat will be out tuesday to run the radiant and our barn shows up on monday!

10/20 Pat with Custom Adobe Mechanical is going to be a fixture at the house for a long time.  He's doing our plumbing, radiant heat and mechanical systems.  He started the rough in this week with a 4" septic line.  Using 4" costs us $ but keeps the drain slope reasonable so our septic system won't be too deep in the ground.  Corrales has lots of mounded septic that we're trying to avoid.  He's also started installing the 1 1/2" pex water lines.  We'll start with 1 well but will be equipped for 2.  In other news we filed our appeal notice with the 13th District Court.  Our case # is D-1329-CV-2021-01548 in case anyone knows how to use this...we're still learning.

10/15 The garage pad is excavated and Mark Hamilton is loading it with the remainder of our dirt.  He'll definitely need more.  The forms on the house will be off in the next couple days and Pat is planning to start plumbing rough-in tomorrow.

10/14 Our stemwall is getting poured today.  The frantic pace hopefully continues tomorrow when Pat our Mechanical specialist comes out to start the plumbing rough-in.  We have an unusual number of conduits under slab that everyone is concerned about - except me.

10/13 Our stemwall forms are just about complete.  We should be pouring concrete tomorrow afternoon.  Mark has  also gotten the hole dug for the garage pad.  We had the soil tested but Mark found roots from the elm tree and had to go down 4 ft to get through them.  That'll be a lot of extra dirt we'll need to build it back up to +21.5 inches.

10/8 Our footer is finished, now we let it sit for the weekend and Juan's crew will be back monday to start putting the stemwall forms together

10/8 Joe gave us our first inspection approval at 8:30 for pouring the footers.  The Baloon Fiesta was right in our back yard this morning!

10/8 Juan wasted no time getting the footer pour going. 

10/4 Juan's crew is marking the outline of the house.  It looks really small!

010/4 Chris Dehler layed out the house corners in the morning and in the afternoon Juan's crew was at work chalking the outline and getting their John Deere 1025r to dig the footing trench.  This is one day's work!  Let's hope the rest goes as quick and smooth

10/2 Testing our 360 Camera.  The house pad is ready and we hope to start digging monday

9/29 The house pad is finished!  Mark Hamilton is a miracle worker to have gotten so far this week.  We need to get the compaction test done but as soon as we get that, the surveyor Chris Dehlert will place the house corners and the garage corners and while Mark moves on to the garage, Juan will start work on the house foundation.


9/24 +1 ft above grade.  Everything is going smoothly and we are starting to make plans for the stem wall, under-slab utilities and radiant heat.  We've got most of our rough cut wood ordered and on the way!


9/17 - we just lost our village appeal but the good news is that Mark has about 2 ft done of compaction.  He started with 2400 Tons piled to the sides and the supply of dirt has started to get noticeably smaller



9/12 Pad Compaction - we found a scary deep clay deposit in the middle of the pad - the excavator had to go 6 ft down to get it all out - good thing he didn't hit water!
9/1 Nine Months!  After 9 months of planning we finally broke ground on the house!