I would rather be anywhere but here right now, but you repeatedly unlawfully violate our rights as property owners and I’m here with my neighbors to tell you stop it.  In three minutes I can share only the tiniest fraction of the extreme unpleasantness I‘ve experienced here.  I’m doing this to illustrate to you and my neighbors your corruption in action.

Ms Stout rejected my first home plans.  She said I was building two houses because my attached casita had a kitchen and bedroom.  She demanded hallways connecting all rooms and if I didn’t do it…I’d never get my F’ing permit.  Well I didn’t do it. Instead I resubmitted the same floorplan but without a kitchen or bedroom.  Ms Stout still declared it to be two houses and you all agreed with her in your official findings of fact.

You seriously declared an office, workshop, and bathroom to be a separate house only because I didn’t put in Stout’s hallway.  And Get This Neighbors:  less than three weeks before our rejection they approved someone else’s plans with a casita.   Not connected by Laurie’s hallway.  No, it had an outdoor 20’ breezeway.  Different rules for different folks is straight up corruption in my book.  But you didn’t stop there.

I wrote a legal analysis responding to your findings of fact concluding you have no right to demand hallways in anyone’s home.  And did you respond to my unassailable conclusions by arguing the merits of Laurie’s hallway? 

No.  You lied!  In contradiction with your findings of fact, you changed your story to the judge.  You told him that both our applications had a kitchen.  But there was no kitchen on our second application so you manufactured BS. You told the judge that my wife testified at your council meeting that we still had a kitchen and bedroom on our plans, regardless of what the plans actually said.  The fact that Laurie had rejected our application before we said a single word that night didn’t temper your BS at all!  You attacked my wife with your BS!  You lied about what she said and you lied about her being under oath.  You lied about what we submitted and you lied about Joe’s approval.  You lied about when Laurie rejected it and you lied about why. 

But the judge ruled in your favor.  I lost.  Apparently he’s your buddy because he allowed you to violate the laws of appeals in order to insert false testimony not in the record at the very end of our case and he neatly recited your BS declaring both plans had a kitchen.

That is Corruption in action.                                                                                                        

The village deserves better and those of us here tonight demand better.  Firing Stout is the required first step on the long path of your rehabilitation.